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The Mortal Instruments: Trying to stay pessimistic

Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. Eragon. Pride and Prejudice. Twilight. What do all of these books have in common? They’ve all been turned into movies, some with better results than others. One of the most recent young adult fantasy novels optioned for film, and one of my personal favorite book series, is Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones. In case you’re unfamiliar with this novel (if you are you should go read it, and you should become a Cassie Clare fan because she’s awesome), the series centers around a race of humans with angel blood called Shadowhunters who protect the earth from demons. There are of course a million other details and love triangles, but that is the general gist. Clare’s books have been some of my favorites for a few years, but when I heard there was a movie in the works I was a little skeptical. Who could ever be good-looking enough to play Jace, the tragic hero with a broken past and witty sarcasm? And the main character, Clary, who would be able to display not only her innocence but also her independence? I had already been through these stresses recently with the Hunger Games casting, and by allowing my expectations to never fully reach their potential I managed to thoroughly enjoy the movie, and avoided critiquing it too much for the parts that weren’t to my liking, or weren’t there at all. Such are the woes of those who fall in love with a story long before it’s condensed into 2 measly hours.

The cast is beautiful. I will say that much. Here’s a picture if you don’t believe me:
See what I mean? Beautiful. However, beautiful people don’t make a great movie, good actors do, and I have never seen any of them act. But I’ve been seeing pictures of them together on set, in character, and it’s kind of making me excited, something I’m trying to avoid at all costs. Although I realize that no movie will ever be as good as the book, period, there’s something magical about seeing a story you love so much “come to life.” I just don’t like to be disappointed. In my opinion, Mortal Instruments is a story best left to the page, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see me in line next year on August 22 for that midnight premiere.


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