What I’ve Learned

I like writing. This is something I’ve wavered back-and-forth about for years, but now it’s clear. I enjoy writing and it’s my favorite way of expressing myself. No matter what career path I decide on, writing will always be a part of my life.

That being said, this blog was easier to keep up because I got to write on a topic that is so interesting and relevant to me. I really enjoyed brainstorming topics, doing a little research and just getting to think about and write about my favorite thing in the world and know I was still doing homework! When I look forward to doing homework, that’s a good sign.

Another thing I loved about this project and WordPress in general was the stat map. I loved looking to see how many people from what countries had clicked on my blog. Not in a narcissistic way, but just because I find the reach of the internet so intriguing. It’s amazing to me that people from the Philippines or the United Arab Emirates or Italy can find themselves on my blog simply because of a key word or phrase or photo I posted. News can travel around the world in the blink of an eye, and I think that’s something to take advantage of. I’ve always loved maps, and I think it’s just such a cool visual to put in perspective that what you post online really is out there for anyone to see.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this project, definitely the best class assignment I’ve ever had! I’d love to keep this blog going, if only to chronicle my thoughts on books when they’re fresh on my mind. I could definitely see myself keeping up a blog in the future, whether it’s as a career or just your typical “Mom blog.”

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  1. I’m still wowed by your writing and hope you’ll continue to work with us in the future. You definitely need to consider a career in words.

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